A Brand Favourite, And It’s All Natural

Look, I’ve been dealt a blow. I have the most insanely sensitive skin. I remember going for an exfoliating facial once and thought my face was going to fall off. Even the therapist started to panic. It was not a good moment for her. The more she panicked the more I imagined myself spending the rest of my life as a real-life Phantom of the Opera. Not ideal since I do enjoy batting my lashes when I ask strangers for help.

It was back in 2014, a few weeks before a high school friend’s Karoo wedding, and I had popped over for some homemade aubergine crisps and one of the strongest coffees I can remember. All I could do was stare at my bride-friend’s skin. It was glowing. It was clear.

She opened up her fridge to show me her stash of products…

And BOTANē Skin Actives waltzed into my life.

What’s even better is bride-friend introduced me to the genius woman behind BOTANē, and, wow, if ever you need to smile, chat to this wonderful human. Which is exactly what I do when I need my refill of product – whilst you can order online, I always tend to pop to their HQ to have a little chat and a laugh.

I popped in again a few weeks ago to ask some questions, and just wanted to share some info with y’all. It’s always great to know the behind-the-scenes thoughts on a brand.

Firstly, BOTANē Skin Actives was founded by Rachel Nye. She sought to develop a science-driven herbal/botanical skin care line that promotes the body’s self-healing processes.

Much prioritisation and intention has gone into choosing our ingredients.

Why is BOTANē so different?

“Our line’s foundation is based on the pillars of ancient herbalism. Optimising the immunologic power of the human body through Chinese, Ayurvedic and botanical compounds. Delicate and complex molecular wonders that work in a multi-layered context; just one compound contains over 70 active elements! We see it as a synergistic symphony of natural compounds working together for skin health.

Our mantra is: Clean. Potent and Transformative. Our line promotes minimalism, balance, and health without compromising our body or the environment. We consider everything: molecular size and weight, pH, viscosity, and carrier molecules – there is so much that goes into formulating a perfect skin product! There is no skimping here – we use five to six times the industry standard of skin actives”.


So yes, you’re going to notice a difference in your skin. And fast.

Rachel has really created a brand that you want to love, that you want in your life. After trying it out you’ll realise you do love it, and you do need it.

I also asked how she thought we should be treating our skin in this day and age.

“Integratively. Taking practices of ancient wisdom and applying modern science. Bringing awareness on what we put on and into our bodies. Focusing everything around our skin’s main functions: absorption and excretion. We incorporate the model of Yin and Yang. In Yang, we proactively take away (cleansing, exfoliation) and in Yin we passively return nourishment (hydration, intensive serums).

This Yin Yang balance provides a complementary, interconnected skin model that we apply in everything we do.

Needless to say, it’s three years down the line and my fridge is still sporting a dedicated BOTANē shelf. Give it a go. You can order online HERE or pop into pfeffersal.com in London or thecapedoctors.com in Cape Town.



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