Treat Your Break–Up: Holistic Treatments With Long–Term Results

Trust me on this tiny piece of advice: when it comes to a breakup, it’s the shedding of the ex that’s the hardest part.

‘Be gone from my mind oh harmful one! I would like to look at this wonderful view in peace without the pang of heartache grating at my feel-wonderful time.’

We know all you want to do is lie in bed for the next three weeks and eat the proverbial tub of Phish Food. Do not do it. Get up. You are free. You have a fresh page to write your next chapter on.

Let’s break down how you’re going to do that a bit (no, I am not about to do the worm on the floor for you – that is your best friend’s job).

There are actual treatments that you can go have that will help. I am going to recommend my three favourites to keep it short and simple and so that I don’t lose you to thoughts of him or her halfway through this page (come back to me…)

[Editors note: Ali and I have taken to calling our exes by the names of villainous movie characters – Voldemort, Joffrey, IT. Choose one it really helps.]

Back to the treatments:


No don’t run away! Listen. One of Reiki’s hallmarks is its ability to clear out heavy energy, including that gut wrenching grief. Secondly, it also helps cut cords. Untwining your energies and clearing theirs from your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Now these treatments are quite powerful and speaking from experience, after you have a treatment you can feel rather low and mizzy. Do not do what I did by trying to drown that extra sorrow from the original breakup with alcohol, because you really will suffer.

You’re wanting water and goodness after your Reiki sessions. A couple days of purging and trust me you will feel like the weight of Voldemort being lifted.


Similar kind of thing here with the energy pathways and unblocking. More hands-on compared to Reiki with the added bonus of a great foot massage. I challenge you to stay awake during a reflexology session. Extra benefits include stimulating your internal organs to work better and aiding the feeling of well-being.

Salt Therapy

So now that you are no longer possessed by Voldemort (a big shout out to our Harry Potter Reiki and Reflexology magicians and their magic hand wands for that ‘Nolongerpossessingus’ spell), we can focus on some Negative Ion Therapy.

Don´t be confused. Negative ions are a positive thing (brain pop.) We all love salty ocean air, trees and moving streams. Created in nature, these molecules are found in abundance in natural environments and have many, many proven benefits for the body.

Salt therapy is a great way to recharge yourself and relieve stress, but is also beneficial for the skin, sleep and mood.

So there we go. Three straightforward, simple-but-effective remedies for you to try out. These therapies really do help and will get you directing your mind in the right direction.

We have been there, every single one of us, and we are with you. Be strong and hug a tree.




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