A Moisturiser To Write Home About 

BOTANē Skin Actives Peptide Crème  – in a nutshell?

An advanced de-aging crème that restores elasticity while building youthful skin proteins.

With ingredients that will make the skin salivate – we’re talking Himalayan salt, avocado, B vitamins and noni fruit– you know that this is definitely a food for the face kinda cream. Your skin needs to be fed and the better the food the better the skin.

Peptide Crème is the ultimate skin food. Genius and founder of BOTANē, Rachel Nye, really thought out this product with your entire wellbeing in focus.

This brand is not just about the ingredients; it is about what happens to these ingredients when your skin starts absorbing them and how will it respond. In this case it will respond with so much gratitude that your friends will have to wear Ray-Bans when they talk to you. I’m talking that much glow.

Both Alison and I started using this brand about two years ago and since then have become completely addicted to the entire range. In all seriousness, we both have to wear visors when we go outside because the glow of our skin just gets too much for the ‘sallows’ (sallow-skinned humans who have not yet been inspired to get the glow). We both, however, think this is a small price to pay for great skin.





London: pfeffersal.com

Based in Warren Mews, Fitzrovia, (W1T 6BY) Pfeffersal uses Botane in their facials as well, so I would highly recommend a visit.

Cape Town: thecapedoctors.com

Best for integrative medicine. If you are popping in to buy some BOTANē, grab yourself a skin-boosting infusion from Dr Murray.

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