Jennilee The London Lawyer

We’re having so much fun putting together our Shelfie posts, and just want you all to know that we don’t judge – whether you’re using the fanciest of products or slap on a bit of micellar water, it’s what works for you that counts. We may just give you a small push in a better-for-you direction 🙂

Let’s have a squizz at what this mum-to-be London lawyer keeps on her bathrooms shelf. At first glance, we both fell over with happiness. Jen’s gone all natural, spreading lot’s of love and care for her baby, and not putting anything bad near her body.

How’s that BOTANē selection?! And Bio-Oil! I’ll tell you this little thing: get yourself a bottle of Bio-Oil, pregnant or not. This proudly South African product is straight up good for you skin. It treats scarring and helps dramatically with stretch marks. Every mum we know uses this, and we suggest you do too. Jen’s lathering it on twice a day.

As for The Body Shop – they’re growing on us both. Ali loves their Recipes of Nature face masks, so it’s great to see that Jen is addicted to their Japanese Camellia Cream. She says it smells like a spa. SOLD!

Let us not miss the tube of Eight Hour Cream… it’s got to be one of the best everything-products out there.

Tame your eyebrows? Check.

Moisturise your lips? Check.

Emergency cuticle fix? Check.

This is one of those products you could roll in if you were falling from the sky and you’d probably, magically, be able to fly.

She’s doing okay 🙂


Tarryn and Alison




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