Heide The Austrian Hotel Manager

Now firstly we think she tidied her shelf specifically for this photo. Tut tut, Heide, this is against the rules. However, we will let you off this time, only because we are very impressed with you product shelf.


Heide works at one of the world’s best wellness hotels in Altaussee, Austria, and has a pretty great diet and lifestyle. She could do with winding back on the Campari sodas but a lady has to live…

Fiji coconut oil with frangipani infusions is her favourite product because it reminds her of the South Pacific and helps her through Austrian winters.

She loves her Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant because it polishes her skin in a non aggressive way and is easy and quick to apply.

Also, she adds patchouli to her Omoravicza body cream ( courtesy of the hotel spa) because she loves the combination of fragrances.

Thanks Heide for allowing us to nosey around in your cupboard.


Tarryn and Alison


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