Elizabeth In South Sudan

This was an interesting Shelfie to do… Lizzie is one of our dearest friends and much to our horror she is living in Juba, South Sudan.

We check in on her daily to make sure she is alive (seriously) and have directions to her house, which go something like “take the mountain road just after the clinic junction, count 14 streets down on the right hand side, and my house is the one on the corner opposite the huge bougainvillea, across the road from the orange dukan”.

I know.

It’s rural AF.

One of her friends came over the other day with a bottle of shampoo. They haven’t been able to get hold of shampoo in quite a while, so this was a treat.

But look, rural comes with its perks. I mean, Lizzie has a loofah (luffa) vine growing in her backyard.

All she has to do to make her showers all the more amazing is pop outside, cut off a loofah, and peel its skin off.


BANG! Fresh loofah for you skin right there! You then cut it open, remove all the seeds (you could probably crush these and make some sort of magical exfoliating scrub) and wash.

Our beautiful friend saves the make-up for when she is visiting us in bigger cities, so she gets to keep her Shelf pretty clear:

Again, we have The Body Shop making an appearance twice (this is the last remaining of their limited edition Lychee they had a while back, an absolute winner, and their Moringa body butter). Good ol’ Nivea makes an appearance, Maybelline mascara (don’t change what works for you) and because our lass has some class no matter how deep into Africa she is, a bottle of Chanel.


I know. I know I just said she keeps things simple. Who am I kidding. She’s a woman. We like stuff. I want to say it could be more organised but hell, there are six compartments and it looks like she knows what’s going on 🙂 In all fairness if anyone had to ever see my lipgloss/lipstick collection they would just shake their head, so who am I to judge?


Tarryn and Alison


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