Block The Ageing Clock

Cape Town hasn’t disappointed over the past few days, with beautiful 24 degree, cloudless, windless, pure sunshine weather. We like to come out in full force when the weather is good, and we Instagram it to death, mercilessly proud of our #sunsets, #beaches and #cocktails.

Yesterday saw myself and a few girlfriends on the bikes you can rent on the promenade in Sea Point, and we lazily made our way along the sea front for a lunch date.

We cycled back also, and then I made my way to the beach.

All the while smelling of delicious sunblock.

It has to be one of my favourite scents – sunblock. Any of them. Nivea, Piz Buin, Banana Boat. Choose your brand, we won’t knock it. We are just happy that you’re wearing sunblock.

And if you’re not, you should be. You have zero excuses. You do not want to look like Magda in There’s Something About Mary

Seriously, you don’t.

Here are my personal favourites, in no particular order (other than how much I like their scent):

Not a day goes by without me putting Heliocare on my face. Come rain or shine, it’s on. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s just the best of the best, makes your skin look dewy and alive, smells amazing, goes on smoothly… and it’s factor 50. I use a separate sunscreen for my face as I don’t personally like daily moisturisers that have them included, but that’s up to you. Most stop at factor 30, also, which just isn’t good enough for your face, I don’t think.

If I’m going to be in the sun, I go for brands I know and have used all my life. Nivea is always a good bet, and I love their Protect & Refresh spray mist. It’s cooling when it goes on, isn’t too oily, and works.

A brand we sadly don’t get in South Africa is Banana Boat. It is my absolute favourite, but it’s because of the smell. It reminds me of my travels to Thailand and Vietnam. Anyone coming back who can bring me some, please?

Again, I’m pretty strict with buying and applying factor 50. There’s just no point in anything less. This sun of ours is strong AF. That being said, sometimes I do like to be a bit sneaky, but it will only be for a matter of minutes and I’m currently searching the coffee shop I’m sitting in for silly excuses to use. There really are none. Look after yourself. If you’re going to go for a tanning oil or aid, just make sure you watch the clock. This is one of two times I will drop below a 50.

The only other time I will drop below 50 is for this stuff, which I have brought back for me from Greece. If you have space in a suitcase for me… you know the drill. Again, smells amazing, again, watch the clock. Don’t go risking your skin. Rather get a spray tan (if you’re in Cape Town, go HERE, if you’re in London HERE).

There are so many out there. Don’t get confused, just make sure the packaging says ‘broad spectrum’, ‘UVA’ and ‘UVB’. Then you’re set.

Oh, and wear a hat.



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