Caryn In Cape Town

The genius brain that is behind Beauty Foundry in Cape Town is one seriously put together woman. You know those people whose hair is impeccable no matter the time of day, and whose eye make-up could have its own Instagram account?

Probably a good thing since she also does micro-blading and tanning for the Cape Town crowd… you want to trust the people who get that close to you!

Caryn keeps it simple, but with good products. Let’s have a peek.

Coverderm spf 80 (dark tint) is her absolute go-to product every single day. Thankfully this is someone who knows the importance of wearing sunblock no matter what the weather! In Caryn’s own words, ‘It’s extra special and amazing because it’s tinted and it therefore also acts as a foundation when I’m too lazy to slap some on.’

Hear, hear! Sometimes even the best of us need a day off on the make-up 🙂

A lot of people we know don’t believe in using an eye cream. We will broach this debate another time (we both do use eye creams – yes, plural.) On her Obagi Elastiderm eye cream, Caryn says this product makes her eyes feel revitalized so something must definitely be working!

It makes my skin feel glowy and hydrated all day.

Caryn says she recently added Environ’s Classic Day Moisturizer to her skincare routine, and it’s a product she plans on keeping, and even extending her Environ range as time goes by. We’ve got a lot of good things to say about Environ, so it’s nice to hear other people rave about it.

One thing I’ve always noticed (and she hasn’t mentioned) is that when she’s working on your lashes she always smells amazing, and I can see a tube of Thierry Mugler Alien body cream there – easily one of the best scents out there!


Tarryn and Alison

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