Adam The Hot Businessman From Surrey

Introducing #ManCrushMonday with this gorgeous bachelor from Surrey. This gent very kindly showed us around his skincare collection and wowee were we impressed. Adam has a skincare routine that would shame most of us ladies.

When we asked darling Adam if we could see his skincare routine he displayed it remarkably well for us on his coffee table. Thanks Adam but we need a Shelfie!


This is better, but again we think this is all a bit too clean for a gent… we will let him off because he’s just so ridiculously good-looking.


Adam has a simple routine with some fantastic products. He actually knows nothing about skin but got given advice by a skin specialist friend and just did what he was told. Good man!

Sarah Chapman is his current brand of choice. Dynamic Defence Day Cream with SPF15 is light and easy for the day and Eye Recovery and Overnight Facial Oil for the evening.

That torcherous gadget you can see there with little needles is called a Dermaroller and he uses it once a week on a Sunday with the Hydrating Booster (bonus points here.) Adam is 38 and this gadget keeps him looking youthful and his skin healthy and plump.

His favourite product is the Purifying Cleanser because it’s easy to use in the shower… Mmm… Adam… shower…. sorry side tracked.

Thanks Adam for giving us the low-down on your routine.

Oh, and ladies, if you share this post we may send you his digits 😝.



Tarryn and Ali

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