The Cape Town Shelfie Scene – It’s Hotting Up

I feel like we got an education with this Shelfie, but what’s great about it is that it’s only five products! Again my theory that men get to travel light reads true.

This is Rewald’s skin care routine, and we applaud him on it (you’ll see why in a moment). Upon asking him why he uses this mix of products, his answer caught my breath. This man is the male version of me.

OK so… I’m not a snob when it comes to products. But these are the ones that I find work for me.

Oh yes, please, I love an honest answer! [Editor’s note: This is Ali’s opinion. Tarryn doesn’t own anything below £60. She’s not a snob, though.]

I’m not even going to try and edit what Rewald so perfectly explained to me – as I said, we feel like we got the education today.

“Once a week I do my weekly grind scrub. I use Johnson&Johnson face wash and then I mix a little with coffee grounds and use that as a face wash. I make sure to work my nose, forehead and cheeks very well with small circular movements.

After I shower I do my facial routine. Immediately after I shower I splash on Nivea toner and let that dry. Then after five minutes I apply Nivea SPF15 for Oily Skin and a small amount of my Environ face mask, mixed together. The mask is rich in Vitamin A and it also keeps my normal/oily skin looking matte throughout the day.

Once that is done I use the small black tube of Aesop Parsley Seed Soft Tissue Cream for under my eyes, just for extra moisture.

Twice a month I also use the Aesop Purifying Facial Peel with lactic acid to keep my skin super smooth. This is the one product that I think I will never be able to do without. It just works and it smells and feels great.”

He knows exactly what’s potting (I mean, he’s making his own scrubs).

Oh! Aesop! If you’re in Cape Town, miracle of all miracles, you can actually buy it here, from Loading Bay in De Waterkant. I know, right? They’ll also deliver to other South Africans desperate for a bit of this fab Aussie brand (bet you didn’t know that!).


Alison and Tarryn




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