My VIVAMAYR Cure: Days 1-3

For those of you who don’t know, I moved to a utopian village called Altaussee in Austria in January this year. I took a Spa Manager job working at one of the world’s top wellness hotels. Frankly, I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world – the air is so fresh and oxygenated and the lakes and rivers have the cleanest and purest waters I have ever drunk.

VIVAMAYR, where I work, sees celebrities, politicians and Forbes’ richest frequenting this establishment to undergo ‘The Cure’. The MAYR cure is an extreme detox that will purge the body’s organs and tissues of hibernating viruses, parasites, toxins and bacteria.

The idea being that after 1-2 weeks at VIVAMAYR you return home renewed, alkalised, reborn, and with knowledge about your body that will prolong longevity and youthfulness. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It is great, once it is over! I have never in my life craved my sweet, happy liquids AKA coffee and wine so much.

Fast forward to now. After seeing the amazing results my guests have been getting doing the The Cure, I signed up and got the go ahead on Monday.

Monday was my prep day. No coffee and no sugar but still normal food. I had an omelette, some mash and veg and a soup for dinner (pats self on the back).

Tuesday was the first proper detox day. I won’t lie I felt miserable Tuesday morning. Coffee and I had been separated all of 24 hours and my survival instinct had kicked. I needed coffee. I would certainly die without it.

Narrator: she didn’t.

Fine I didn’t die, but it sucked.

I started my day in the hotel kitchen asking for breakfast. Breakfast was great. Plain egg omelette, linseed oil, potatoes and parsley.

Linseed oil is my life changing ingredient so far. It’s used here for diabetes as well to help manage blood sugar levels, and it also helps you feel full. I need it, it keeps me alive, don’t take it away from me.


After breakfast I headed off for my first doctors appointment. This week I am with Dr Prinz, a phenomenal doctor who is also trained in integrative medicine. She took one look at my tongue, my colour, felt around deep in my belly and announced I needed to watch my liver, sugar intake, and manage my stress/anxiety.

10/10 Dr Prinz.


Above are my supplements for the week. Basen 5, the milky looking liquid in the bottle, has to be drunk three times a day (this can be bought online for those that are interested.) Base powder is predominantly magnesium but is also used to alkalise the body during the detox process.

Magnesium Citrate is to flush the bowels. Enough info there. I’m lucky here… if they had given me the usual Epsom salts I’d be writing this from the lavatory, but I escaped as I also have to work this week.

Rescue drops are to help with the anxiety and shakes (another lifesaver for me.)

Glandu pills are for energy and stress and the mouth oil is for mouth swirling in the morning to draw out bacteria from the gums. You can use coconut oil as an alternative.

Phew. Bear with me!

After seeing the doctor my vitamin levels were measured. The nurse announced I was sour. Fab. Extra base powder for me. Sour means acidic and acidity gets a disapproving shake of the head here.


So the day started with a vitamin infusion of magnesium followed by blood tests.

After this I had the electrolysis foot bath. This I’ll get often during The Cure as it activates the lymphatic system and makes you pee a lot.

Then lunch. This lunch I had on day one and two. I’m not on the nicest meal plan here, however some people only get potatoes so I won’t complain. Every mouthful must be chewed 40 times (yawn) but by the time you are done chewing and eating and chewing, you don’t feel hungry at all.


After lunch, my fat, water, toxin, muscle and metabolism levels were all checked. Bad, bad, and even more bad. The computer is not kind and we shall not be friends. An electrical current is charged through my body revealing a host of lax lifestyle results and I am not impressed. We will come back to this next week.


Dinner. Carrot soup. Spoon must be placed down after every mouthful. I figured if I just touched spoon to table every time that counted. Dinner was good and after all the base powder I wasn’t feeling too great.

First night I had a headache. An evening liver compress of hot water bottle over liver was really soothing and I fell asleep at about 9pm.

Wednesday morning, day two of The Cure, saw me waking up early for an 8am exercise test (shoot me now.) I wasn’t feeling great. Light headed and low. Exercise tests again show lifestyle choices have been playing havoc on my body. Apparently those 10 000 steps a day are really important. I refrained from telling Petra the trainer about my nine step hangover day last weekend.


I need an exercise ball as a chair! Petra is looking way too happy about my bad body results. I actually fear next week’s lesson with her.


Breakfast was another gem. Goats cheese, chicken and potatoes, plus my sugar detox saviour, linseed oil.

Lunch was the same as yesterday but again after all the chewing you really don’t want anymore. The waiters at work thought it was fun to walk towards me with a steak dish then tell me it wasn’t mine (so very mean.) I only get protein in the morning. Do they not know I’m from Africa?


Afternoon treatments consisted of another foot bath and a back massage. Yum.


I finished my day with the doctor.

Applied Kinesiology is a technique used in my case today to test for food allergies. Muscle strength in relation to certain substances shows how well the body can handle them. In my case I am not good, or ‘intolerant’ to sugar, gluten, yeast, dairy and uncooked tomatoes. I basically just lost all strength in my legs with these substances. Wonderful. There goes all the things I love. And no cheese!

Finally an abdominal massage – this is a special time. It’s strange to have someone be so giving and gentle with you. The doctors spend 15 minutes everyday doing an abdominal massage. They motivate you, concern themselves with your problems and give long term guidance. Dr Prinz speaks about the importance of releasing bad energy and using the time to reset.

I leave today feeling calm and motivated and more knowledgable about my body. I get my pumpkin soup takeaway so I can go down to the jetty and enjoy the autumn sun.


I’ll update at the end of the week. The next few days will take purging to whole new level.



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