She’s Saving Wildlife In Namibia

Sometimes, when people are busy doing their part in helping to save the world, they have no time to keep things (in the skin care department) in ship shape.

That’s ok. Honestly.

We would rather you be out there in the wild, rehabilitating animals that are on the endangered list. This is when you can 100% throw a seven-step skin care regime out the window and use soap and water and whatever else is available.

Let’s introduce you all to Nadja, and her products.

Nadja lives in Namibia and works for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. CCF’s mission is to be an internationally recognized center of excellence in the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems. The project works with all stakeholders to develop the best practices in research, education, and land use to benefit all species, including people.

Although the Cheetah is the flagship species, I work for the organization for its broader and more visionary practices engaging with people to be able to farm, improve livelihoods and sustain healthy ecosystems and biodiversity will all predator species and wildlife.

I, for one, applaud this work.

The chaos of that cosmetics shelf, not so much, but to each their own.

On asking Nadja to explain what exactly is going on, she brought up dear coconut oil (we told you we still love you!)

Coconut Oil, I love the smell, it feels fresh and soft… I work in dry, hot climates and coconut oil doesn’t have a sticky residue. I grew up with a Dad who surfed and lazy beach days with friends, so coconut oil brings back the memories of beaches and childhood 😊

She’s a great fan of Palmer’s, as am I – I’ve been using their Coco Butter Formula for years and will for always and forever. The smell is just delicious, and there’s bundles of Vitamin E to help tackle stretch marks.

Look, she’s not exactly living in a city where she can pop to Selfridge’s beauty hall and have her pick of the crop – so she relies on trusted Nivea and The Body Shop, again two brands that I’ve grown up with. Working under the harsh African sun, I did have a little go at her when I didn’t see any sunblock on the shelf, and I was swiftly sent through an image of her SPF50 Everysun. 

Close call, that was!



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