My Medical Detox: Part 2

Day three of the detox (four if you count prep day) saw me starting with another yummy breakfast. Now that my stomach had downsized I really felt full afterwards.
Linseed oil, avocado moose with fish roe (fish roe stayed on plate) potatoes and scrambled eggs.

I had woken up at 4am with glute and leg cramps and a bit achey in general so I was very ready for food. The magnesium citrate had kicked in and the scale had shown I was down 1.5kgs which helped with my morning motivation.


First stop of the day was to the psychologist, Dr Eifler. I’m an anxious person and I have a chronic fear of flying.
With a trip to South Africa coming up I was concerned about being six hours into the flight and having the need to kill people and open the plane doors and jump out. If the psychology fails then there will always be drugs and Ali can pick me up in a wheel chair.

This detox can make you pretty emotional and anxious. Ali and I have for a long time dealt with anxiety by lying flat on a floor and texting one another. I highly recommend you find a floor person if panic attacks haunt you. Also get rescue remedy (a few drops on the belly with a hot water bottle works wonders.)


Next up another vitamin infusion to lower my free radical count. Vitamin pills can also work here however an infusion really can pick you up fast if you are run down.

Ali and I will do a post about this soon on infusions vs pills so stay tuned to read that one.

Infusion done and I was off to the osteopath. Osteopath corrected a shorter left leg, two twisted vertebrae and my slightly skew jaw.

His advice was to never cross your legs when sitting! This can displace the hip and, in the long term, lead to the need for hip operations. I highly recommend a few osteopath visits in your life. Realigning and correcting the spine and joints early will save yourself years and years of long term pain and even intestinal problems.

Lunch: beetroot and vegetables. I begged for the beetroot. After eating it I felt sick because it tasted too sweet. Tastebuds were beginning to play tricks on me!


After lunch I had Aerial yoga. I have done this at work before as we treatment swap when there is free time. Aerial yoga takes circulation to the head on a whole new level. There is a shit load of upside down and it’s great for the lymph flow. Having 10 minutes upside-down everyday with your head lower than the rest of your body is also great for your face and hair. Lots of circulation.


I finished up my day with a warm hay liver compress in a water bed and a beautiful view over Loser Mountain. I ended up skipping dinner as I was feeling exhausted and just wanted my bed.


The following three days were Friday Saturday and Sunday. I was working this weekend so I wouldn’t be doing treatments, just sticking to the food. I felt okay, tired most of the time and quite fragile. Fitting in three litres of water three times a day, plus the milky powder drinks (which I don’t love with my entire heart and soul), plus all the vitamins, I required a PA to help me out a bit, but I managed most of it. Probably forgot something but who knows… I was in detox lalaland.

The evenings saw me in bed early with my hot water bottle on my liver and a movie. I enjoyed these quiet times in my little cocoon and was quite happy to hide away. Some days I skipped meals as was just too tired… the hunger had left me. I assume this is what happens on day seven of Survivor.

My weekend meals:







Some info on VIVAMAYR eating:

No raw after four. Cooked vegetable are recommended in evenings. Fueling our body for energy at night is pointless and also puts pressure on the digestive system. Raw food causes excess gas and bloating at night. Fasting in the evening is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Never drink whilst eating. Doctors insist on no fluid whilst eating, and for holding out a good half an hour after food. Saliva is necessary for proper food digestion and diluting saliva with water disrupts this process and your intestines will suffer.

And never eat suger ever again.

Week two: Monday to Wednesday

Week two saw the energy coming back and the skin clearing. I was three kgs down and was getting my mojo back.

I had two days off where I ate eggs, avocado and potatoes and fasted in the evenings. I wasn’t feeling hungry and even lunch was difficult to finish or even begin. The vegetables were becoming boring and I was gagging for some more protein. Mornings were the standard potatoes and two proteins. I stuck to either eggs, avocado, chicken or goats cheese. I had mozzarella one day which I was given by mistake but I didn’t die.

Treatments continued with footbaths and abdominal massages and B12 shots in the belly.  Least favourite, stung like a bitch.

Weight was starting to fall off me and the stomach was feeling super good. I need to note the results below were also due to a fat freezing I had tried with Coolsculpting six weeks before so please keep that in mind.


My last treatment on Wednesday was WATSU. A form of water Shiatsu. You are in a warm salt water pool and you are manipulated and stretched for 75minutes. It’s an intense experience, very deeply meditative and a lot of emotions bubble up. Certain positions where you are almost cradled feel really strange and being pulled and pushed through the water has the sensation of lying on a wave in the sea. Truly beautiful.


The day ended with a dry skin brushing. Rescue remedy, hot water bottle and movie. Quiet, relaxed and happy.

Stay tuned for my final days.









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