Minimal Beauty From Miami

Where to start!

Firstly, this stunning lady has an Instagram account that is so beautiful we are considering stealing some of her pictures for our own use (we’d always ask though). She is the Gwyneth Paltrow of the facialist world and we love these strong new wellness-aware women that are taking the skincare world by natural-scented storm.

Jen is a facialist and the creator of Minimal Beauty, a dedicated little space in Miami for anything and everything skin where nature, science and luxury all meet.

Jen has a 360′ approach to skincare and anyone who wants to truly learn how to achieve the best their skin has to offer should take a page out of her book. Like us, she believes skincare starts from within and health and lifestyle should be part of your daily skincare routine. She is environmentally aware and recommends brands that are considerate and toxin free. We love you for this, Jen.

Her skincare shelf is beautiful and truly reflects her clean, minimal skincare approach.


Again we learnt a lot from this Shelfie. We had not heard of some of these products and were very keen to add them to our Christmas shopping list.

Her favourite three products (always a difficult question for a facialist to answer) are her KHUS+KHUS serum, her Sanitas SPF, and the Saffron Eye Ghee treatment from Pratima.

Want to know what she has to say about her faves?

The KHUS+KHUS Sen facial serum keeps skin hydrated, feels light and the energetic properties calm the mind. CBD for super healing and great for inflammation, which I’m always trying to prevent, as inflammation leads to a breakdown of collagen, as well as numerous other factors.


Sanitas SPF – I’ve been using this zinc based SPF for yeaaaarrrsss! It never clogs pores, even on my acne prone clients. I love it so much I don’t even dare switch to anything else. I use it everyday (hello Miami sun) over my facial Serum. It is a bit thick because it is a mineral but my facial Serum gives it the perfect slip to work it in and I feel confident with my spf protection everyday.


Pratima Eye Ghee- I only use at night, as the Ghee scent can linger but this product is so hydrating and ghee is a magical medicine in Ayurveda. It penetrates through all seven layers of dhatus (tissue) and delivers healing properties throughout. It does the same thing to our internal tissues, delivering nutrients to the deepest layers of tissues throughout our bodies when we ingest it.

Here’s the link if you want to shop some these awesome new brands. And if any of you find yourself in Miami, make sure you visit her for a facial.

Thanks so much Jen for introducing us to these amazing brands.



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