The Great Flamingo Hunt: Part I

I feel any good story has a few ‘parts’ to it.

Waiting to see if Tarryn was going to fall to pieces on her detox at VivaMayr was probably one of the highlights of my October, and knowing she survived solely on steamed potato gives me hope that I, too, shall one day detox.

This is part one of what has become The Great Flamingo Hunt. It started off as a simple girls night out a few weeks ago, and has somehow become an all-consuming factor in my day-to-day life.

Let me explain.

Back in August, my Beauty Foundry buddy and I were headed out for a night on the town. It was the middle of winter and everyone was feeling a bit fed up with the cold and wind, and you’ll all understand perfectly well when I say we needed a girls night. We popped open the bubbly, then popped open the red wine, and then popped open the make-up bags.


Blusher here, bronzer there, mascara everywhere else, and then for the cherry on top: the lips.

If you’re a fan of MAC you’ll know they’re even bigger fans of their Limited Edition ranges. We delicately coated our lips with Flamingo (from their Iris Apfel collection a few years ago) and truly we felt like it was summer and life was amazing again.

The problem with Limited Editions is that they are limited. I know. Funny that. And now it’s several weeks down the line and Flamingo is almost finished.


My lips aren’t going to be layered up in the most perfect pink-coral lippie come summer nights out.

I went into full crazy mode trying to replace Flamingo, and here’s part one: my lipstick box at home. No one quite believes me, or at least they struggle to believe me, when I say I have an addiction to lipstick and lipgloss. It is a very real thing.

And this is just the stuff I can actively find. There’s still more tucked away in coat pockets, the car glovebox, numerous handbags…

I panicked and poured everything onto the floor and started to see what I had that could possibly replace the brilliant Flamingo.

First option was this colour I picked up last year from Kiko Milano. It was my European summer shade and it never left my side. Funnily, whenever I went into a Kiko store to buy a back-up it wasn’t available, so I’m guessing it’s a rather popular colour. It’s just called ‘103’.

(I’m going to apologise now for the abundance of selfies you’re about to see of me, but not too much.)

Second up in the lucky dip was my go-to Maybelline Baby Lips. I am obsessed with this shade:

I’ve been using ‘Pink Punch’ for years and it never fails me, mostly because I can wear it day and night. The more orange-y one, ‘Strike a Rose’, is also great for a bit of a change.

Third option was something I picked up recently, purely because it was so insanely cheap. And who’s going to say no to a R29 lip colour? LOL, not me. Clearly. Super-enthusiatically called ’04’ from Beauty Treats.

Going back to Kiko, I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for their products. The colours come in everything a girl could dream of, and between their nail polishes and lipsticks, they’re making me a poor young lady.

This shade is ‘Mirage’, and whilst it is definitely on the more pink side of life, I didn’t say no and it’s a contender for summer for sure.

I scrummaged around a bit more in the Lip Box Of Dreams, knowing I had an amazing MAC lip pencil in there somewhere, and sure as, I finally found it.

It’s called ‘Go For Girlie’ and… well… it’s pretty hot. No not me, the colour. *Rolls eyes*.

Let me state here – it is not Flamingo’s long lost twin. It’s a freaking awesome colour, but not as sheer. The whole thing about Flamingo is that it wasn’t a ‘thick’ colour. What a shame.

Nevertheless, this is going to look hot af when I have a bit of a tan and I’m sipping on a piña colada watching the sunset.

So that is that, for now.

Will The Great Flamingo Hunt ever come to an end?




P.S. I know – that amazing light purple shade on my nails is from Tip Top and is called ‘Fairy Dust’.

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