How To Shed Those Winter Scales

Yes, I know the heading of this post might seem a bit ambiguous, so, to clarify, I’m talking those grey-looking scales that have accumulated on your legs and knees and elbows because you’ve been a wee bit lazy for the past few winter months and denied your skin any love and care. Instead you hopped out of your hot bath or shower, quickly rubbed yourself dry, and threw on the closest trackie pants you could find. I’ll bet some of you eventually started cancelling your leg wax appointments or gave up on shaving because #winter.

I did.

It wasn’t pretty.

Suddenly I saw myself sat on the shower floor, shivering, cursing myself for not going to that one wax that would have made all the difference.

Getting my pale winter skin summer ready is a matter I take seriously. Every day I scroll through my Instagram feed and see pictures of people chasing the summer and their skin has an ethereal, photoshop-like glow that makes me want to wallow in a pool of faux-tan.

But half the trick to that is just exfoliating and moisturizing.

I have three go to body scrubs that I cannot live without. I can’t even give them to you in a ‘favourites’ order. They all leave my skin feeling silky soft and dreaming of different life situations.

My cousin introduced me to Rituals only a year and a bit ago whilst we were shopping the streets of Madrid. It was the most insanely hot day and walking into their beautiful, cool store was life-saving. They spritzed us, exfoliated us, massaged our hands, rubbed in creams and what-not and I ended up walking out of the store with far too many products from this range. I’m talking the scrub, the oil, shampoo and conditioner, and a hand cream for good luck.

My best thing, apart from the smell (which I can only describe as glorious) is how it leaves your skin feeling. There’s something in it that honestly makes your skin feel cold. Like when you feel that minty cold freshness? That’s exactly it, and I love it. In summer it’s the best feeling. The tiny salt pieces leave your skin properly scrubbed free of winter, and the oils left behind just sink in and soften you all up. I add on an extra lathering of the oil and don’t even bother with perfume for the day or night.

Next up is a great South African product that I use the most often, because I can get it any time I like. It’s a bit harder to ask friends to bring you massive pots of scrubs when they’re going to literally weigh 1/40th of their baggage allowance. Funny story: last time I asked a friend of this favour for a tub of Rituals, he forgot that it was technically a liquid as far as airport security was concerned. Having already checked his luggage through, he spent the next 30 minutes running around Terminal 5 trying to find a box to package it in and check it through as luggage. He succeeded and upon arrival in Cape Town I was presented with a massive box containing my 450g Rituals scrub.

I digress.

There is always, always a pot of Caribbean Tan pre tan scrub in my shower. It’s a lot rougher than the Rituals scrub, but not in a bad way. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s a sugar scrub rather than a salt one, so understandably the granules are a bit bigger. This is the stuff that gets me glowing most often. The coconut and cinnamon scent rushes you into summer and you find yourself dreaming of beaches and you can almost hear the music playing at the cocktail bar…

Again, it leaves behind the most fabulous oil on your skin, and you feel silky smooth. At under ZAR60 you have zero excuse not to have this in your shower. I will come and find you. They also have an amazing body butter to add on afterwards.

Last but not least is Soap & Glory‘s Breakfast Scrub. I need to warn you NOW that this stuff is not edible.

I repeat: NOT EDIBLE.

You will want to test me on this but oath on my life, you cannot eat it.

I tried.

Your other half may want to take a bite out of you when he or she smells you after you step out of the bathroom smelling like this stuff though. Let them try. A little nibble never hurt anyone 🙂

Again, this leaves your skin scrubbed of flakes and soft as newborn baby’s bottom.

To get you in the mood for scrubbing throughout winter, find a product you’re excited to use. That way it becomes a treat rather than a chore. Try remember that without dead skin cells clogging up pores, your moisturisers and lotions and potions get soaked up way better, and that’s what you need in the middle of winter, and if you want to look like your skin has been on a permanent round-the-world summer vacation. You now know what to do.

Hustle, babies – summer is mere weeks away!



P.S. Tarryn let me know when you’re taking orders for me.

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