Between Lisbon and London – A Travel Shelfie

I’ve been trying to nail down this lovely lady for weeks and weeks, and one would think that family members would drop everything for one another, but this gal is so so busy with work and being a busy traveling lawyer that I was scooted to second place.

I know it’s a bit cheeky doing a family member for a Shelfie, but I find this one so fascinating. I was in Lisbon in February and whilst I was bringing home a plethora of colourful products from Sephora, The Cousin just stood and shook her head at me.

Look, as someone who lives in a country that barely has any choice of make-up and skincare, you have to understand how these rainbow colours sucked me in. I stood no chance. It was all going to come home with me.

The thing is, The Cousin actually can’t be addicted to Sephora, or most brands.

After a treatment I did a few years ago, I developed allergies to everything and the reaction is around my mouth area… My lips become very, very dry and within a few hours they “lose” their skin and the area around goes red and white … its a horror story on its own.

And since that day, she’s been on a safe-for-sensitive-skin product hunt.

As I said, trying to pin her down was nigh on impossible, and last night I phoned her to yell down the line that I needed to do her Shelfie.

“Ah but I’m in London and only have my travel stuff!”

“I don’t care, send it through.”

What she did send me immediately was a photo of my favourite sandwich from Pret and I quickly thanked the heavens again that I am an only child or our mother would have had to pull us apart at that stage.

How she only lives on a single sarmie is anyone’s guess. I usually go for the value family pack size.

Anyway, as she is traveling, here are her absolute staples:

Again, I love that it’s a mix’n match of what works for the individual.

On the left is Physiogel AI Cream for sensitive skin (bought in pharmacy near the office – how easy!) and then Neal’s Yard Remedies shower gel with jasmine and ylang-ylang. Whilst all her products have to be perfume free, the all-organic ingredients of Neal’s Yard allow this product to smell incredible and not kill her at the same time. YAY!

The Nativa Spa is a plum Boticario conditioner. It’s a Brazilian brand, and not organic – mystified as to why her hair has not fallen out but The Cousin decided to ride the wave because it smells yummy and leaves hair silky smooth. Fair enough.

The little green bottle is shampoo, also Botocario. It’s the leftover of an aloe vera shampoo that has since been discontinued and as such is cherished. Why, God, do brands discontinue things?

Her facewash is A-Derma Exomega face wash for sensitive skin, also bought at the local pharmacy.

Finally, I spot two little products I know. J&J baby oil for extra moisture after stepping out the shower, and good old Nivea Irresistibly Smooth. I’ll tell you a secret about this particular Nivea. If you’ve gone and gotten yourself sunburned (NAUGHTY!!!!) then slap this stuff on as thick as possible and chances are you will wake up a little bit less red and you probably won’t end up peeling.

Her make-up bag piqued my interest, too. Truth be told, The Cousin has flawless skin. Like, there’s not a freckle or a blemish. I think I saw her have a spot once and I laughed and pointed until I remembered the horrors I have to deal with with my own skin. Sigh.

Make up, clockwise: Sephora foundation, Sephora powder (it gives an amazing glow), eye shadows and blush from H&M and pink lip stain from Sephora.

Oh, so nowwwww you’ll shop at Sephora?!

I kid, I kid.

The worst part of this whole sensitive skin palava is that The Cousin has recently discovered her main allergy is to nail polish. Let me paint (haha!) the picture for you: I have never seen her without her nails did.


Go figure!

We’d love to know what products y’all out there use for your super-sensitive skin. Help each other out!



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