Operation Damage Control

Well I will have to be honest it’s taken us six weeks to blog about skin because I forgot to pack my health and wellness last year before I went to Cape Town. I left behind my daily water intake, my supplements and my great skincare routines. In December Cape Town also runs out of all these things and I was forced to substitute health for wine, continuous sunshine and, well, because of the drought I wasn’t even able to wash my makeup off on some evenings.


So now, half way through January, I’m feeling the damage. The stomach, the skin, the scale is broken (better be) and all things have gone south. Way south!

Thus Operation Damage Control has begun.

1. My liver and kidneys have had to work hard and right now I can feel them singing their complaints so I’m doing a water flush every morning. This is by far the most effective thing you can do to correct the system fast. Water flushing basically means waking up first thing and drinking one to one and half litres of water straight on an empty stomach. It’s hard at first and you will feel a bit sick but this will flatten the stomach, waken you up and get your skin back on track in no time. Honestly I swear by this. Try it once.

2. Get a Vitamin B shot. You are all lacking in Vitamin B. Don’t argue with me – you are – and if you are not then you are not allowed to read this post because you are way too healthy and you are making me look bad. Stress, alcohol, and lack of sleep all flush B vitamins from your system and leave you tired, moody, and your metabolism sluggish. A Vitamin B shot or supplement is the best thing for January blues.

3. Deep, deep pore cleaning and a full face of skin layers has needed to be removed. Ali and I were opening up coffee capsules and scrubbing our skin vigorously in Cape Town but I personally have to do a really deep treatment every couple weeks. It keeps my skin cells awake and my skin glowing. My new tub of Omorovicza Moor Mud arrived in the post yesterday and I’m going to be doing it three nights in a row.

This mud is a weapon against the signs of aging. Acids destroy old skin cells, the mud dries to pull out all the impurities and it leaves the skin lifted and glowing.

On a side note this mud solved my hormonal acne and I can’t recommend it enough. (Please, if you suffer with acne, message us. I really can help and am happy to give proper advice.)


4. Micro-needling. Okay, I’m a skin specialist so I really have all the tricks and I don’t take lightly to holiday skin damage. I feel old and I refuse to age gracefully (REFUSE.) I have been doing and having micro-needling since it was first introduced to the industry about 14 years ago (now I feel fucking old.) Basically it’s like tattooing your face with a concoction of vitamins and at the same time stimulating collagen and plumper, healthier skin. Barely red for a couple hours and the skin looks great.

In London go to Teresa Tarmey. You get so much for your money with this lady and her therapists are amazing.

South Africans can hit the Skin Renewal Clinics dotted around the country. I was blown away by how advanced the skin treatments are. I had a handful of treatments with Dr Toni and my skin has never looked younger. Plus with the exchange rate it’s not going to break the bank.

So that’s my plan for Jan. I’ll be trying to walk more, sleep eight hours, and probably do some fasting days to trim the wasteline.

Top tip: For all of you that don’t live in a place that shoots Evian water out the tap, use activated charcoal in your water to remove heavy metals, purify and give you cleaner water.


Again Ali and I would love to answer questions and give advice. We understand the skincare world is a nightmare and we can help you find your own personal pot of gold amongst all the products out there.

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