We go way back. Last century back. 1999 back.

We laugh a lot at each other, we’re honest with each other (even if it’s the cold hard truth), we acknowledge one another’s fat days, we’re supportive of name-calling the exes.

We’re both skincare fanatics.

And what’s even more important to us is that we give you a few truthful facts also. We’re not here to make sales – we would much rather give you an honest opinion on a whole host of things, and help you to make the right decisions for you skin, health and well-being. And wallet. Sure, we love a few of the pricey items, but we’re also human, and no matter how much enticing music we play to the $100 bill we planted in the garden last spring, that money tree ain’t growing, and rent is expensive.

So, here goes.

Message us. Ask questions. Interact. Tell us when you’re feeling low and we will make you feel better (we will probably just recommend you cover yourself in coconut oil). Remember that one person’s Best Product Ever might not be yours. But we will help you find your The One. Your fish is out there in that ocean of moisturisers. Honestly, finding your ideal skincare product can be as hard as finding a life partner, but it shouldn’t have to be.

Sit back, relax, make your cup of oolong-buchu-dried-petal tea, and enjoy.


Tarryn and Alison